Benefits Of Double Glazed Windows

Benefits Of Double Glazed Windows

Double Glazed Windows are designed to reduce heat flow into the home in summer and winter. Importantly, the benefits of double glazed windows are many. Including improving heat gain or loss by as much as 50% – 70% via the windows.

8 Benefits Of Double Glazed Windows

#1 Warmer in winter:

Double glazing is the perfect kind of insulation, with as much as 50-70percent of home heat lost through single-glazed windows. Double glazing also helps to capture and save a higher proportion of the natural warmth in sunlight.

#2 Cooler in Summer:

Double glazing insulates your house against extremes of temperature, trapping some of the summertime’s heat and minimizing the heat that burns through your windows on warm, sunny days.

#3 Reduces energy use:

Because there’s less need for heating and cooling as a result of a more even temperature. Reducing the demand for air conditioners in summer and heat in winter. By reducing the need for heating and cooling, we are also reducing our global footprint.

#4 Reduces condensation:

Condensation can be a severe problem, especially in older houses, as it causes mold and mildew, and in certain instances, it will also rot wood window frames and harm your family’s health. Double glazed windows reduce excessive moisture on your window panes.

#5 Reduces sound:

Double glazed window reduces noise for a calmer, quieter home. High-performance double glazing can reduce outside noise by up to 60% and 90%, which makes it a fantastic investment if you live by a busy street or under a flight path. Adding good quality Aerolite Insulation with a high NRC will stop all noise through the roof area as well.

#6 Enhances resale value:

Double glazing is a fantastic way to boost the resale value of your dwelling. With double glazing, an older home can be equally desirable to the buyer who wishes to make sure that the house they buy is economically insulated. With retrofit double-glazing, any home can find the benefits! A recent survey shows that home buyers are asking questions about security and energy efficiency in the house. Including roof insulation and double glazing.

#7 Reduces interior fading:

Lowers the damaging effects of UV light on curtains, furniture, and carpeting (special glass types required) Reduced interior fading by using glass combinations that reduce the transmission of UV radiation. Reduce the demand for thermal drapes that may block the outside view.

#8 Increases safety:

Discourage intruders for security and safety. It’s harder for intruders to break in through double glazed windows, especially in case you include laminated or toughened glass.