Aerolite Insulation

Aerolite Insulation

Your home is probably one of the most significant investments you will ever make. Since you and your family spend much of the day or night in your home, it is essential to ensure you are all comfortable. As a result, installing Aerolite Insulation will give homeowners many years of energy saving.

If your home was not constructed to be energy efficient, you could lower your electricity costs by adding insulation. What you need to know is that the best insulation can pay for itself in a couple of years.

To find out if your home has insulation or not, you need to hire a home energy auditor. As an experienced professional, the auditor will inspect your home. Finally, he or she will come up with an energy assessment report for the whole house.

From the information presented in the energy assessment report, you can decide what insulation is best for you. Currently, one of the best options is pink aerolite insulation.

Aerolite Has No Health Risks

Think Pink Aerolite Insulation has absolutely no associated health risks. The new fiberglass is Bio-soluble. As a result, if you ingest the material in any way Aerolite will dissolve in body fluids.

Furthermore, the world health organization has given Aerolite Insulation a Class: 111 rating. As a result, Aerolite is safer than most commonly used home products like pickled vegetables and even coffee. Aerolite is one of the most Eco-friendly Roof Insulation products.

What is Think Pink Aerolite Insulation?

Aerolite is a high-quality thermal and acoustic insulation available in pink color. To make your home airtight, Aerolite bonded with a Thermosetting resin. We are creating a resilient and robust blanket available in compressed rolls.

During installation, contractors usually cut the rolls into the required sizes. Also, the insulation will then be fitted between the trusses directly on the ceiling. Thanks to its density, Aerolite prevents heat loss from your home. You are therefore allowing homeowners to cut back on electricity use now that the AC is not running.

Aerolite insulation is also acoustic. As a result, Aerolite will prevent sound infiltration into your home. As a result, you and your family can enjoy peace of mind, day or night.

How Think Pink Aerolite Insulation Works

Aerolite insulation has fine strands of fiberglass. They are bundled together finally creating a large cluster. Think Pink insulation material manufactured from sand and post-consumer glass. To ensure its easy to install, manufacturers compress the insulation into rolls.

As said earlier, Think Pink Aerolite insulation is easy to install. All a contractor has to do is cut the batt and fix it. Since aerolite insulation has a high R-value, it can reduce heat loss from your home.

As you already know, heat flows naturally from a warm area to a cool area. In winter, heat flows out of your home through gaps in the ceiling, attic, floor, doors, and windows. When this happens, your home becomes cold. This prompts you to turn on the AC to make your living space comfortable.

Running the AC day and night will surely increase your monthly electricity bill. To save money and lower your expenses, you need to insulate your home. Aerolite insulation is available as a thick roll. When installed around your house, it prevents movement of heat out of your home via gaps — helping to make your living space comfortable.

During the summer, the opposite happens. Heat flows from outdoors into your home. If your home is not insulated, you will turn on the AC to cool the interior. With aerolite insulation, you don’t have to run your AC to cool your home. Once installed, it prevents heat from gaining entry into your home. Ensures your home maintains a steady, comfortable temperature. As such, you don’t have to turn on the AC.

Think Pink Aerolite Is Cost Effective?

Yes, pink Aerolite Insulation is effective. It works by acting as a thermal barrier between your home and the outdoors. As said earlier, in winter, heat flows from your house to the outdoors. This happens via gaps and tiny spaces in the ceiling, attic, floor, doors, and windows. In summer, heat flows into your home via the same gaps and holes.

Both situations create an unpleasant living condition for you and your family. With Aerolite insulation installed, it acts as an efficient thermal barrier. Not only does it prevent heat loss but it also retains heat generated in the house. As a thermal barrier, pink aerolite insulation can reduce heat loss by 91%. It can also lower the temperature in your home by 5 degrees C in summer.

What you need to know is that Pink Aerolite Insulation is not affected by the direction of heat flow. Also, it’s durable and pays for itself in a couple of years. With the correct Aerolite installed homeowners will have a lifetime of energy saving.

Is Aerolite Insulation Combustible?

No Aerolite has an AA 1/1 FIRE RATING and is therefore not combustible. Pink aerolite has fiberglass and not recycled paper. Also, the batt is highly compressed which eliminates air pockets in the insulation. Meaning in case of a fire, no fuel is available for fire to start and continue burning. As such, pink aerolite insulation is safe and non-combustible.

Since its non-combustible, no toxic fumes are produced. Fortunately, with Aerolite Insulation this will never be an issue.

Apart from being fire resistant, pink Aerolite insulation provides soundproofing to your home. This means the sound will not infiltrate your home via gaps and small holes in the ceiling, attic and even the floor.

The reason why pink Aerolite insulation sound proofs your home is that it has excellent sound absorption properties. This means when sound strikes the insulation, instead of bouncing back, the material absorbs it. It turns sound energy into heat as a result of friction.


Pink Aerolite insulation is non-combustible. That is why installers prefer it over other insulation materials. Even when the situation is terrible, the insulation will not catch fire.

As a result, aerolite insulation is used to insulate areas in the home where a lot of heat is experienced. For instance, it can be installed close to the oven, in the roof truss and close to furnaces.

The reason why aerolite is fire retardant is that its made from 80% recycled glass and sand. Also, it has a Class 1 fire index rating – SANS 10177 Part 3 and Part 5.

Key benefits of Think Pink Aerolite

As the best choice for homeowners, pink aerolite has lots of benefits. They include:

Lifelong energy savings

Recent findings show that more than 90% of homes are not insulated. As such, homeowners run ACs day and night to keep the interior comfortable. This is very costly. How? AC consumes a lot of electricity. Increasing your monthly energy bills which affect your finances.

When you insulate your home with pink aerolite insulation, you get to enjoy lifelong energy savings. How? The insulation acts as a thermal barrier. This prevents heat loss in winter and promotes heat retention in summer. Since the material is made of fiberglass, it’s durable – lasts for 50 years.

Aerolite Is Easy to install

Aerolite insulation is made from a combination of 80% consumer glass and sand. During packaging, it is compressed by a factor of 10. This improves handling and eliminates the need to use packaging materials.

To install the insulation in your home, the installer will cut the batt and simply place it where it is required. The insulation is safe to handle thanks to the improved quality and performance.

Sound proofs your home

As said earlier, pink aerolite has excellent soundproofing properties. As such, it eliminates sound infiltration into your home. How? Since the insulation is thick, it absorbs sound energy. Friction will occur, and this results in the power being converted into heat.

Compared to other insulation materials that allow sound to bounce back, aerolite is an advantageous soundproof material. When you factor in the type of material used to make the insulation, you realize that you will have peace of mind for a long time.

Maintenance free

The use of recycled consumer glass and sand to make the insulation assures you of durability. Since it’s compressed before packaging, there are no air pockets present in the insulation.

As such, you don’t have to worry about moisture problems. Presence of moisture in the insulation will lead to mold infestation. It can also create the perfect nest for pests and insects.

Once the insulation is installed, no maintenance is required. It will serve you for many years to come.

Perfect for residential and commercial buildings

Aerolite insulation is installed in both residential and commercial buildings. It can be retrofitted in existing homes and used as top-up insulation. What you need to know is that the insulation is odorless. It is also fully compatible with building materials.

As such, it does not promote the corrosion of aluminum, copper, and steel. It’s non-hygroscopic too. This eliminates the need to install a vapor barrier. A vapor barrier is an added expense.


Aerolite insulation environmentally friendly?

Aerolite insulation contains 50% recycled glass. Together with sand, the insulation is made from materials that would have ended up in the landfill. Fiberglass itself is made of silica sand and recycled glass which is environmentally friendly.

In the past, fiberglass insulation was found not to be environmentally friendly. Thanks to modern technology, Aerolite insulation is safe and Eco-friendly. Over the past 50 years, the composition of fiberglass has significantly improved.

If you choose to use Aerolite, you will save the same amount of energy used to heat and cool your home using an AC. Since the insulation is made from recycled glass and sand, it also cannot cause any health issues. As such, it is safe to handle during installation.

Permanent damage can occur if excessive pressure is applied. For instance, if someone sits or stands on the insulation, the extreme pressure will damage the insulation.

Final Thoughts

Aerolite insulation has been used for the past 70 years. Over the years, it has been well tested which makes it safe to handle and use in homes and commercial buildings. Unlike traditional fiberglass which was found to cause health issues, aerolite insulation is safe and Eco-friendly.

It is long lasting, saves you on energy costs, prevents heat loss, and promotes heat retention. It’s non-combustible and maintenance free thus minimizing your costs further. With a lifespan of 50 years, you will enjoy the long life savings.

If this has sparked your interest and needs Aerolite insulation for your home to be sure to use the services of specialist Aerolite Installers, the roof space is a danger to work in, and unqualified workers could leave you with a hefty bill if workers are not insured and qualified.